Duct Pulling Devices

Duct Pullers for every job and every budget

Super Deluxe Duct Pullers

  • A rugged puller that is quick and easy to install and remove
  • Water tight by sealing on the inside of the product pipe
  • High-tensile drop-forged eyebolt
  • Can be disassembled in the field by hand for easy maintenance
Available in several sizes

Deluxe Duct Pullers

  • Precision machined, hardened alloy pulling head will handle the abuses of HDD
  • Completely sealed to prevent fluids from entering the duct or the puller itself
  • Outer sleeve prevents stretching of duct
  • Fits most duct sizes from SDR9 through SDR21
Deluxe Duct Puller

Available in several sizes


  • Extremely durable yet economical duct puller
  • Expanding jaws securely grip inside wall of duct
  • Polyurethane nose cone
  • Comes standard with a polyurethane plugger

Available in several sizes

Standard Duct Pullers

  • Quick and easy to install with no special tools required
  • Expanding jaws securely grip inside wall of duct
  • Large number of jaw teeth ­compared to other brands result in a stronger grip
  • Fits most duct sizes from SDR11 through SDR17
  • Pluggers available to keep the mud out
Standard Duct Pullers

Available in several sizes

Innerduct Pullers

Lug Style Innerduct Puller

1-1/4 inch Lug Style Innerduct Puller

Clevis Style Innerduct Puller

1-1/2 inch Clevis Style Innerduct Puller

Performance Features

Pulling Grips

  • Made with a double weave of galvanized wire for maximum durability
  • Return weave design so there are no crimped ends at the trailing end
  • At least a 2X safety factor
  • Available in Heavy-Duty and Standard-Duty
Wire Mesh Pulling Grips

Heavy Duty and Standard Pulling Grips


  • Don’t forget to stock up on shackles to connect the pulling grips and pullers to your swivel
  • Other sizes available upon request

To connect pulling grips and pullers

Pulling Slings

  • An inexpensive and effective way to hook up and pull 2 to 6 ducts at a time
  • Constructed from heavy-duty, aircraft quality wire rope
  • Legs are replaceable
Multi-Duct Pulling Slings

Pulling Sling with cable

Pulling Packers

  • Securely pull multiple ducts
Multi-Duct Pulling Packer

With Ducts

Multi Puller in Action Call for more details

  • A simple and secure means of pulling several ducts at one time
  • Can be used with the Series 00619, 00620, 00650 or 00604 pullers
  • Actual pulling device is protected by a heavy-duty packer housing
  • Packer provides a gradual transition from the swivel
  • Large variety of duct size combinations can be pulled
A large variety of duct size combinations can be
pulled at one time. Custom configurations are
available. Call for more details.

Multi Puller in Action

Call for more details

Break-Away Connector and Pins

Heavy Duty Break-Away Connector and Pins
Light Duty Break-Away
Connector and Pins

Performance Features