DigiTrak F2 Overview

A sound solution for most HDD projects.

You don’t need it all; DCI gets that.

The HDD industry has asked and DCI has delivered once again. The DigiTrak® F2® locating system is “just right” and combines Ball-in-the-Box™ technology with rugged jobsite dependability. Using its two powerful frequencies and cable transmitter capabilities, it meets a myriad of jobsite challenges.

The F2 receiver’s ease of use and precision make it the preferred locator on thousands of jobsites around the world. When project failure is not an option, the F2 locating system provides the solution. Demo one today to see for yourself.

Streamlined, uncluttered view.
An icon-driven menu removes language as barrier for global usage.
A bird’s eye view and depth view at the same time for unparalled accuracy.