Small & Medium – HL525B

HL525B HDD, an innovative equipment developed by our company, independently based on the advanced theory of the trenchless technologies. With hydraulic control technologies and power-driven technologies, it make all actions of drilling tools smooth, such as rotating, pushing broaching, pullback and moving. It can be used widely in construction and renewing pipeline in water supplying, coal gas, electronic, telecommunication, natural gas area to cross roads, railways, constructions, rivers and other areas not allowed to be excavated such as street, culture relics, agriculture crops and protection zones.

It is larger power making more force for working.
The variable system make the using power reasonable and energe-saved. The key parts are famous brands parts.
with man-machine engineering design concepts, the main control methods are hydraulic pilot controland electro-hydraulic control, offering a comfortable way.
Assistant changing system cab make the pipe changing easily and ensure the operation security.
Anchor system: six anchor rods at most automatic anchor is very credible and easy operating.
Four motors driving power unit makes strong spindle torque. The rolling frame can reduce the running resistance.