Small & Medium – HL518B

HL518B HDD, an innovative equipment developed by our company, independently based on the advanced theory of the trenchless technologies. With hydraulic control technologies and power-driven technologies, it make all actions of drilling tools smooth, such as rotating, pushing broaching, pullback and moving. It can be used widely in construction and renewing pipeline in water supplying, coal gas, electronic, telecommunication, natural gas area to cross roads, railways, constructions, rivers and other areas not allowed to be excavated such as street, culture relics, agriculture crops and protection zones.
Integrative layout design Integrative layout design provide good stablity under pullback when the machine is working in complex condition, to reduce risks as well as to increase the success rate.
More powerful DEUTZ turbocharging engine provides 100KW, larger than that of other similar class. Large power make better performance when in complex condition, to avoid failures. The displacement of engine is compliance with ENII standard.

Brand hydraulic parts
Famous brand of home or broad hydraulic parts ensure machine’s quality and efficiency, esay to maintenance.
Good performance of Rubber trawler belt running system
This system is only used in municiple construction. Hydraulic tension structure makes operating easily. Bridgestone rubber trawler belt is durable and could protect ground and grass.

Opening clamp system
Combination of the advantages of foreign clamp system, self-development of the open-clamp system makes drill rod load and unload fast, reliable. Opening design allows operator know movements of rods when operating avoiding misoperation. While some manufacturer used the closing clamp system, it is caused the damege when misoperating.

Advanced PLC electronic-fluid controlling hydraulic system
Advanced PLC electronic-fluid controlling hydraulic system, the leading technologies in domestic, has many advantages such as simple structure, route clear, easy-maintenance and few trouble, to prevent oil drain and oil leak from hydraulic controlling system.

Automatic rod-changing system
The rod box has a capacity of 51 pics rods for automatic changing. One operator may do all the operation. The rod-changing system is adopted mechanical structure, reliable and efficient. Operators can change rods from ourside of rods box conveniently. Electronic-hydraulic controlling system help operators only press to do all the work.

safety devices
The device of test sensor could prevent the operator of equipment damage caused by misuse
Automatic anchor system
Screwed anchor system is driven by hydraulic, so that the machine can be located easily.

Unique design of monolithic bonnet
Fiberglass engine bonnet could be lifted making maintenance easily.

Chair and operating floor
The operating floor and chair are rotatable. The designs of the control stick, instrument and swicth site are according with ergonomics, providing a comfortalbe operation. The toolbox can saved much space.
Large capacity fuel cylinder and hydraulic oil cylinder be put in the back of the machine, to make the machine weight reasonable. Machine structural arrangement is reasonable, working fine, handsome in appearance.